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Sherwood Trunks is a New England "mom & pop" shop with over a decade of experience restoring old antique trunks into artistic treasures that can add character to any home or office.  Through the years, with love and care, we have refreshed and renewed over 200 trunks.  It is our passion.  Just thinking about where a trunk has traveled and where their next home might be provides us with the motivation to spend endless hours refinishing them.   
Using a detailed and meticulous process, each trunk is stripped, hand sanded, refinished, waxed and lined by a professional craftsperson. The result is a unique piece of art that is utilitarian as well as decorative. Sherwood Trunks also offers hand forged cast iron trunk table frames by local blacksmith, John Passiglia.  A custom made frame for the top of a trunk converts the trunk into a beautiful table and is easily removed to access the inside of the trunk. 

Please visit the Workshop tab to view trunks in different states of refinishing. We invite you to join us in the restoration process by selecting your trunk prior to it being complete.   After all, yours is the next story to be told in the life of that trunk.

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Antique Refinished, Refreshed and Original Condition Steamer Trunks from the 1800's to the Turn of the Century
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